AtariAge Homebrew Awards

Thank you all for voting Gravitic Mines as best homebrew and Jumping at Shadows as best WIP in the 5th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards.

Gravitic Mines – Winner: Atari Jaguar Best Homebrew
Jumping at Shadows – Winner: Atari Jaguar Best WIP

Last Strike DEMO ROM

And the final news for today, we have released a single level demo for Last Strike. If you wanted to “try before you buy” well… now you can!

Find the demo on AtariAge! And if you like what you see, pick up a copy here!

Three New Jaguar Games!

Gods, The Chaos Engine, and Stormbringer for the Atari Jaguar are now available! Gods and Chaos Engine are classic Bitmap Brothers games and Stormbringer is the fourth game in the Magic Knight series by David Jones.

Find them in the AtariAge store!