Based on the classic 2600 game “Dragonfire”¬†you must help your King recover all his worldly treasure from a dragon infested castle!

Download at AtariAge:

The music was created by Roald Strauss from https://indiegamemusic.com/ and is fully licensed for use.

Artwork for this was sourced from opengameart.org, itch.io and pixabay, and I’d like to thank the following:

MSavioti – Fireball
Revangale – The Raven
Bonsaiheldin – Gold and Treasure icons
djantosh10 – Dungeon Door
Mysticartdesign / 1030 images – Title picture
CharlesGabriel – Dragon
DarkWorkX / 1778 images – Castle interior floor
arikel – Our Hero!
rubberduck – Castle exterior backdrop