Expressway is a deceptively fun little minigame for 4 2 to 4 players (the more players, the better).

Until it was revealed at the European Atari Jaguar Festival 2013, we didn’t really have any idea how it would be received, as playing on your own is rather pointless and uninspiring. Put four people around two jaguar pads, however, and the game is quite entertaining for a few rounds.

Players 1 and 3 use UP/DOWN and C/A of the first pad, players 2 and 4 use UP/DOWN and C/A of the 2nd pad… you have to share pads and sit close 😀

Not only is the game a technical challenge, it’s also a test of your physical strength, as you’re able to wrench the pad out of another player’s hand if you feel the need to give yourself a little advantage!