This is no longer available to purchase, but we occasionally produce carts for gifts or competition prizes. Follow us on facebook and twitter, and you might just be able to snag a copy!

You might be surprised to learn that downfall was the most requested of our games to end up in cartridge form. We certainly were, although we’re well aware of its addictive qualities. This is why it was the first game we decided to put out on general release in cartridge formĀ using SCPCD’s amazing new Jagtopus flash cart design.

Downfall+ is the cartridge remix of our much-loved game “downfall”.

It incorporates a backdrop that was created using the same tool used to generate the Atari Falcon version backdrops with some additional post-processing.

There are new sprites, on-cart high score saves, website high score code generation, a new title screen and title music by our friend and atariscene musician overlord 505/checkpoint.

The game features a version of the falcon game’s Heiko mode, supports rotary controllers and Pro Controllers (shoulder buttons).

The menu also allows you to load BJL files into the Jaguar’s memory and booting of CDs without the hash checkĀ using Jagtopia technology.

Another bonus (a big one!) is that the Sinister Developments MOD player has been kicked to the kerb and in its place is the much more streamlined and aurally pleasuring U-235 Sound Engine by LinkoVitch of U-235!

The level designs remain unchanged, but due to the differing graphics, some of the stages play a little differently.