Degz is our homage to one of the truly great arcade games of the 80s – the daddy of all side-scrollers.

It’s offered freely to all Jaguar fans in the same way all our other games have been.

There are 9 difficulty settings for the default game mode. There is also the map from the North American release, this is much harder.

Once you’ve got to grips with the game, try this mode and make sure your Memory Track cart is plugged in – it saves your best score on this setting.

Difficulty in our version is slightly toned down from the arcade game. This is mostly due to the collision detection between the player ship and the landscape being fairly generous, something we had to implement due to the lack of control offered with the Jaguar’s d-pad.

For anyone who says there is nothing wrong with the Jaguar’s d-pad, we’ll be expecting to see some truly spectacular high scores and multiple wrapping of the 5 stages 😀