Jagtopia is a system for booting CDs. It will allow you to boot both unencrypted & encrypted Jaguar CDs.

How does it work?

There are two versions, one is CD-based, one is a binary. The CD version is an encrypted disc that will boot, allow you to swap the disc for another, then boot it. The binary can be run from your skunk or BJL Jaguar & boots either type of CD.

But I have a Bypass cart, will it be any use to me?

Possibly. Jagtopia leaves the cartridge port free for Memory Track carts or any other cart you might need in there such as a dev cart.

You can write Jagtopia to a brand of CD-R you know your JagCD is happy with. Use it to boot troublesome software that might have been supplied on dodgy discs or for discs that just don’t have a good chance of passing the hash check for whatever reason.

Instructions for use

Burn the CD, pop it into your Jag CD & boot as normal. WAIT A COUPLE OF SECONDS after the title screen has appeared. Swap discs. Press B. Sit back & your disc will hopefully boot.

The binary should be used in the usual way for your device, then the same instructions as above can be follwed once the title screen appears.