Raiding Rivers

Our new release, Raiding Rivers, is now available for all to download.
Merry Christmas from all at reboot-games!

New releases available!

Cinemaware’s “Rocket Ranger” and “Defender of the Crown” (re-issue), Novagen: Volume 1 (“Encounter” and “Backlash”) and “Block’Em,Sock’Em” are now available to pre-order in the AtariAge store.

Novagen: Volume 1
Cinemaware’s Rocket Ranger
BlockEm, SockEm

Raiding Rivers!

A new game released to Patreon Supporters today!

Please consider supporting Reboot-Games via Patreon (Link at the side panel), but if you can’t or don’t want to, we’ll make it available to all in around two weeks.

Rocket Ranger!

The Cinemaware classic, Rocket Ranger, coming to the Atari Jaguar via the AtariAge store in November! Easily the most complex port I’ve done to date, glad this can finally blast off!

Rocket Ranger for the Atari Jaguar

Blockbuster WVGC IV

The winner of the Blockbuster World Video Game Championship IV at PRGE2023 being presented with his prize.

We were more than happy to have provided two of the games (Kobayashi Maru and Rebooteroids) in special “3 minute caravan” editions for the event.


Novagen: Volume One

We are excited to announce that Novagen: Volume One will be available to purchase at PRGE2023 this coming weekend, and then via the AtariAge store!


Support reboot via Patreon

With a few changes happening (Don’t worry, I’m OK) I’ve decided to launch a patreon. I’ll still be releasing things such as RAPTOR, games and demos for free, but you will be able to get quicker access. Thank you for all your support over the years.