Jumping At Shadows WIP

With Gravitic Mines completed, we haven’t been sitting around partying all day. Here’s a peek into what Reboot-Games has been working on.

Jumping At Shadows WIP – Feb 2022

Once more unto the breach, dear friends……

This is a tech demonstation of WIP on an upcoming Reboot release tentatively called “Jumping At Shadows”.

We are a long way from the finish line, but things are progressing smoothly. 

– Fluid 60fps (Reboot accepts no less!)
– Fullscreen 3 layer parallax scrolling
– CRY lighting and transparency effects
– Story line by Andrew Rosa
– Lots and lots of animation!

Code: Lawrence Staveley
Sound Engine: LightSpeedPlayer (Arnaud Carre) / Jag Version (ericde45)
Artwork: Ander Lex & Szadi Art
Music: Roald Strauss

We are once again aiming for full commercial quality as we did with Gravitic Mines, and will have a downloadable demo with a few levels once things move forward enough to have something that will represent the final version.

We’ll post updates as and when… not setting a timetable.. not setting any expectations… we’re just making games and having fun.

Join us for the ride!