Gravitic Mines Update!

Gravitic Mines goes to BETA-1 internal testing this week!

It’s bug-crunching and tuning time! Whoohoo!

As a teaser, here’s what the game’s main menu and mission selection screens look and sound like now. As you can see, we’ve come a long way!

Chaos of the Gods!

It is with great pleasure we can today announce two more classic titles from The Bitmap Brothers will be making their way to the Atari Jaguar via the AtariAge store later in 2021.

Watch the teaser trailer below and discuss on the AtariAge forum here.

JagStudio 1.0 Released!


JagStudio is an advanced development suite for the Atari Jaguar that allows you to code using Assembler, BASIC or C and is based around Reboot’s powerful RAPTOR API. Regardless of your programming capabilities, Beginners to Advanced coders can utilize this flexible package that will fully suit the needs of anyone looking to program exciting new games for the Jaguar. 

The benefits of using JagStudio are the Hardware Abstraction Layers (HALs) and the combination of external modules available to use. This allows you, the developer, to get on with writing your games while taking advantage of the Jaguar’s powerful chipset without worrying about tedious, underlying mundane routines.

The same results that once took days or weeks to achieve can now be done in a matter of minutes, thanks to the power of JagStudio!

You are one click away from 64-bit creativity!

The current release of JagStudio along with any previous versions can be obtained at its homepage: