Jumping at Shadows (PRGE 2022 DEMO)

Jumping at Shadows PRGE 2022

Time for the first public release for our new game – a five level demo of the game.

Please note, this ROM is locked to Skunkboards and RetroHQ’s Jaguar Gamedrive boards – and will not run if made into a real cart or used on an emulator.

Small update showing keys and doors:

Ander posted our June update video, see it here:

Jumping at Shadows – May Update

We are currently working on a new action platformer game for the Atari Jaguar, featuring:

– Fluid 60fps (Reboot accepts no less! Frame drops are for amateurs!)
– Fullscreen 3 layer parallax scrolling
– CRY lighting and transparency effects
– Story by Andrew Rosa
– Lots and lots of animation

We are once again aiming for full commercial quality as we did with Gravitic Mines, and will have a downloadable demo with a few levels once things move forward enough to have something that will represent the final version.

We’ll post updates here as and when… not setting a timetable.. not setting any expectations… we’re just making games and having fun.

Join us for the ride by following here, on AtariAge or itch.io

April Tech build
February Tech Build
First Public Unveiling