ZeroPage Homebrew plays Gravitic Mines

ZeroPage Homebrew playing Gravitic Mines

The team at ZPH work their way through the cold, harsh missions from the first system of the Pilot campaign. Lots of fun and laughs and a good time had, thanks guys!

Gravitic Mines is shipping!

AtariAge has advised that Gravitic Mines has started to ship this week!

Can’t wait to get this game into your hands and see you all on the scoreboards.

Boxes waiting to go in the mail!

Jumping At Shadows WIP

With Gravitic Mines completed, we haven’t been sitting around partying all day. Here’s a peek into what Reboot-Games has been working on.

Jumping At Shadows WIP – Feb 2022

Once more unto the breach, dear friends……

This is a tech demonstation of WIP on an upcoming Reboot release tentatively called “Jumping At Shadows”.

We are a long way from the finish line, but things are progressing smoothly. 

– Fluid 60fps (Reboot accepts no less!)
– Fullscreen 3 layer parallax scrolling
– CRY lighting and transparency effects
– Story line by Andrew Rosa
– Lots and lots of animation!

Code: Lawrence Staveley
Sound Engine: LightSpeedPlayer (Arnaud Carre) / Jag Version (ericde45)
Artwork: Ander Lex & Szadi Art
Music: Roald Strauss

We are once again aiming for full commercial quality as we did with Gravitic Mines, and will have a downloadable demo with a few levels once things move forward enough to have something that will represent the final version.

We’ll post updates as and when… not setting a timetable.. not setting any expectations… we’re just making games and having fun.

Join us for the ride!