API v2.0.00
API v2015.08.18



The RAPTOR Engine™ is a software package intended for use by developers on the Atari Jaguar 64-bit Multimedia System. 

It provides a HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) to allow you to concentrate on your game rather than how the Jaguar hardware functions. 

Technology has been built into the RAPTOR Engine™ to simplify its use, whilst providing flexibility and minimizing main system bus access.


“The Software” refers to the RAPTOR Engine, which is provided as an assembled binary object file for use on the Atari Jaguar 64 bit Multimedia System.

“Author(s)” refers to the group, REBOOT (https://reboot-games.com)


This software is provided free of charge to anyone and everyone.

REBOOT accept no responsibility for damage or loss by its use or misuse.

REBOOT grants you the right to use this software within your own works provided that:

1. Clear identification of the use of this software is included within your own works, either by use of the currently aproved logo (provided), or textually.

2. The identification of the use of this software must appear within the digital works in a manner that is visible to the end user and upon any physical packaging.

3. The software may not be reverse engineered or modified without prior written consent of the author(s).

4. No source code forming any part of The Software is to be distributed without explicit permission from the author(s).

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