Gravitic Mines

Gravitic Mines is a thrust/physics/arcade/puzzle game being developed using the RAPTOR API by Lawrence Staveley and Ander Lex with a musical score from Roald Strauss, and will be published by AtariAge.

We have been working on this game since February 2019, and progress is currently on-track. We are currently testing Release Candidates.

The final game will feature:

Sixteen unique worlds in four unique styles, with multiple missions on each world.

Eight training simulator missions to familiarise players with the game and controls.

Four unique boss encounters.

Thirteen licensed tracks from Roald Strauss, totalling over 30 minutes of music.

Pro Controller (Recommended), standard and rotary controller support.

On cartridge score saving and progressive unlocking of levels and features.

Online scoreboards via QR code upload.

Mission story-arcs and briefings written by Andrew Rosa (MC-TV)

Jukebox for the awesome musical score.

BJL Uploader and Jagtopus functionality.

6MB cartridge – currently we have over 35 MEGABYTES (280 MEGABITS!!) of data squished into a ‘tiny’ 6MB ROM.

You can follow the development of this title in the AtariAge thread and also on Ander’s page.