Reboot Online (News)

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19/05/2019      AtariAge now have Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe and Fantasy World Dizzy available for pre-order!

See the AtariAge forums for more information.

06/03/2019      Piko Entertainment have released Impossamole and Head Over Heels for the Atari Jaguar!

See the AtariAge forums for more information.

05/10/2018      Songbird Productions have released LOOPZ for the Atari Jaguar!

See the AtariAge forums for more information.

19/09/2018      Defender of the Crown and Treasure Island Dizzy for your Jaguar!

Not one, but two new releases announced today, more information over at AtariAge!

26/06/2018      Site hosting changed!

For years, our site has been kindly hosted on the wonderful servers. As of today
we have now moved to our own hosting here at We would like to thank for all the good work they have done for us and others over the years.

01/04/2018      GRIDRUNNER for your Jaguar! (An Easter Egg, not an April Fool!)

Included in every copy of the Jeff Minter Collection is an extra game, GRIDRUNNER.
See here on AtariAge for more information.

28/12/2017      We've released Bad Apple for your Jaguar! It is available from AtariAge.
Update: Now at v7.0 (Final) with 320x220x4bpp video and 15.3Khz audio!

21/11/2017      Jeff Minter Classics and Astrostorm are now available to order direct from the AtariAge store!

The Last Strike - Preview 1 has been released to youtube, showcasing the upcoming new Reboot game. There is still a lot of work to go on this one, but we felt it was time to show some of it to the world. Discuss here.

Also recently announced from Sporadicsoft is an upcoming new game written using the RAPTOR Basic+ (rB+) language. You can check out a video of CRUMBS! below, and discuss here.

And, if that wasn't enough, the RAPTOR API has been updated to version 2.0.00.
Discuss it on AtariAge here, or download it from here.

30/10/2017      We've had a few people ask about the current Xenon II: Megablast! availability.
The last remaining copies are available in the AtariAge store here.

29/10/2017      I'll try and keep things more up to date in future, however the latest news will always be on our social media pages.

Jeff Minter Classics was released at the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2017, and will be available in the AtariAge store shortly to purchase. It has been a great honour to work with William Thorup, Albert Yarusso (AtariAge) and Marcus 'Sk1p' Schmerl (Retrospekt) on this, and many, many thanks to Jeff Minter for allowing this to happen! Check it out here.

Announced at the same time as The Jeff Minter Classics is something else we've had the privilege and pleasure to help with over the past few months. Sporadic's Astrostorm is the first fully-featured and team-tested game written using Reboot's RAPTOR Basic+ (rB+) and we highly recommend you check it out! More information about this release can be found over at AtariAge and on Sporadic's homepage, here.

Piko Entertainment have released Switchblade - check it out here.

30/03/2017      AtariAge user "Machine" is running a Rebooteroids contest with patches as prizes!

Check the AtariAge thread out here. Good luck, everyone!

24/02/2017      Custodian is now Shipping. It is available from here. Hopefully the first of many Jaguar titles from Piko Interactive!

26/11/2016      Rebooteroids is now available from here. Thanks to everyone who supported and believed!

There are still some copies of Xenon II: Megablast! available here.

26/11/2016      Welcome to the new site. This time, we're keeping it simple - Just like us!